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The British newspapers are being published since the 16th century. During the 17th century, publications covered both news and rumors. Among these were pamphlets, posters, ballads etc. Even when the news Periodicals emerged, many of these co-existed with them. In the beginning of 17th century the right to print was strictly controlled in England. This was probably the reason why the first newspaper in English language was printed in Amsterdam by Joris Veseler around 1620.

Newspapers are now going online. With the ever increasing pressure to reduce waste in UK and with increasing cost of paper and ink, it will not be far off when all newspapers will become electronic. This rise in costs made one UK media group to publish the first 'online only' recognized local newspaper. It was the Southport Reporter and it went online fully in 2000 as an online only publication from day one. This type of local newspaper could spell the move for all local newspapers in UK to publish only on the internet.

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