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Ming Pao ePaper is a Chinese Newspaper published by Ming Pao Group in Hong Kong. The Newspaper was initially published on May 20, 1959 founded by the famous Chinese wuxia novelist Louis Cha known better by his pseudonym Jinyong and his friend Shen Pao Sing. Later it was then taken over by Tan Sri Datuk TIONG Hiew King in 1995. Ming Pao now published by Ming Pao Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of Media Chinese International Limited, which was formed by the successful merger of Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited (Hong Kong), Sin Chew Media Corporations Berhad (Malaysia) and Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad (Malaysia) in April 2008.

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About Ming Pao Newspaper
Ming Pao ePaper
Language: Chinese
Country: Hong kong
Owner: Ming Pao
Website: http://www.mingpao.com/
ePaper: http://www.mingpao.com/
Registration: No
Price: Free

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